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  • What is the purpose of The Crescent Club?
    Put simply the purpose of The Crescent Club is to help people make new friends, try new things, establish new connections, build a larger social life, and make the most out of being resident in and around Bath & Bristol. We do this by encouraging all members to join in with real-world meetups, socials, dinners, events, walks, activities, or anything else that grabs you. We are not a business network and try to have zero barriers to entry. Membership fees are kept as physically low as possible and just help fund the running costs of the club and the member's app (along with some member perks along the way).
  • What are your current members like?
    We pride ourselves on the inclusive, welcoming, safe and fun environment we have created. Our current members are a very broad church that are as diverse as our cities themselves. Our current membership is: Aged 21 to 75 (and yes, we all hang out together) Over 60% female Representing 14 different nationalities (at the last count) LGBTQ+ welcoming and allied From all walks of life and professional backgrounds (from farmers to CEOs) We want to ensure you feel welcome at The Crescent Club regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you look like, what you do, or what you want to be.
  • How much does it cost to join?
    We try and keep our fee as low as possible to avoid creating any barriers to entry. Currently our annual fees are: £89 for an individual member £159 for a couple joining together That's less than £7.50 per month each - we really can't be better value! Your membership is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Who is able to join and what are the criteria?
    Unlike other members clubs, we do not have any criteria for membership. We do not care what you do for a living or who you know. We do not need you to be nominated (or seconded) and we certainly don't want to collect an exorbitant membership fee off you. Loosely we welcome anyone who lives or works in - or around - Bath & Bristol who embraces the spirit of our club. You must be open-minded, be welcoming, embrace diversity and inclusivity, and above all be keen to meet new people and have more fun in this great city of ours. We'd love to meet you!
  • Do you have a clubhouse or physical location?
    No we do not. The Crescent Club is all about lowering barriers to entry and getting out into the city to enjoy all it has to offer. Having a permanent clubhouse location would both massively raise our membership fees and work against our other objectives. Instead we host our meet-ups and events at ever changing locations all over our two cities and beyond.
  • Is this a business networking club?
    Absolutely not! Whilst we encourage all our members to offer help, advice, support and potentially services to each other, we are a social club first and foremost. We do have a dedicated Business Network group where members meet and discuss the ins and outs of running and growing their own businesses, but the wider club itself is not driven by what people do for a living. Members have often remarked on how nice it is to be in an environment where people do not fixate on each others professional lives.
  • Is this just a drinking club?
    No. Whilst we do host many of our events in pubs, bars, and restaurants - and often plenty of drinks are had - there is zero pressure on anyone to drink alcohol. We place much greater emphasis on feeling like you can be yourself and engage with fellow members at each event. We also host many events that are not related to drinking at all - from hikes and guest lectures, to tennis meet-ups and a book club.
  • I am a local business owner, is The Crescent Club right for me?
    So long as you do not see the club as just a group of people to sell to, and embrace our core values, then the club can be very rewarding and valuable for both business development and personal growth. We have many local business owners as members who are always happy to share advice, insight, support and contacts to help you grow your business. We'd still like to get to know the non-business you too though!
  • I've just moved here, is the Crescent Club for me?
    YES! Loads of our members are just like you. Moving to a new city, whether it's for work or something else, can be daunting especially if you don't have a large social network around you. By joining The Crescent Club you'll have ready-made access to a large group of people to meet, socialise with, grab a drink with, have dinner with, go on a walk with, or play a game of tennis (or whatever) with. Our members cover all ages, genders, interests, and are from all walks of life. We would love to have you join us too!
  • How do you communicate with members and share event details?
    We primarily use our own mobile app (on iOS and Android) for communicating with the membership and keeping them up to date with event details. This website also has a members section that replicates all the information available on the app. We try and avoid spamming you with emails whenever possible!


We have put together a short list of the most frequent questions we get asked by people interested in joining the club. Please take your time to read through them, but  don't worry if your question isn't answered here - just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner and send us a message. 

Ready to join us? Amazing! We can't wait to meet you.


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